Create Rugged, Secure Networks Anywhere

Extend enterprise IT infrastructures beyond the office walls and enable small, powerful, secure, and fully ruggedized IT networks to be created for teams on the go or in remote locations.

Our rugged IT infrastructure solutions are engineered with off-site deployments in mind. They are ideal for applications where the most crucial work takes place out in the field. From surveillance to information collection, our secure, portable, and rugged IT solutions make it easier to get the job done right.

Keep Moving and Communicating

Decisive’s rugged IT infrastructure solutions are built to enable the toughest and most secure IT networks to be created for a variety of applications, including:


Homeland security

Border security

Law enforcement and tactical surveillance

Public safety

Industrial data collection, sensor control, and information management

From handheld devices to field-deployable networking systems, all of our ruggedized equipment is designed to meet size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements, so teams in the field can always keep moving while collecting and communicating a variety of information.

Establish Small, Powerful Field Networks

With 16-core Xeon servers, Cisco routers and switches, an uninterrupted power supply (UPS), video modules, and power panels, our half-rack solutions are 75 percent smaller than standard models. But they pack enough of a punch to make it easy to establish field networks in any situation.

For teams on the go, our portable backpack modules provide desktop infrastructure capabilities, VMware Hyper-Converged Software (HCS) with VMware Virtual SAN, and data center virtualization.

Rely on Clear and Secure Communications

When you are miles — or worlds — away from the rest of your team, clear and secure communications are critical. Our solutions include Radio over IP (RoIP) and Radio over LTE (RoLTE) hardware, so you can communicate from anywhere. Network routing and multiplexed voice and data ensure that every communication is secure.

Get Video on the Go

When the help you need isn’t with you on the ground, our video solutions are there to keep you connected. Our ruggedized equipment includes miniature HD video solutions that are light and portable, and our video technologies compress video streaming up to 95 percent for clear, real-time communications over LTE.

We also provide video solutions for a variety of work environments, including low-light, pinhole, mesh-canine, body-worn, and thermal ultra-rugged cameras.

Supported. Always.

Whatever your sector, whatever your work environment, you need to know you’ve got the right equipment for the job and backup at the ready. Our IT technicians are available to help you pick the right combination of hardware, software, and networking technologies to suit your needs and to support them on the ground.

Extend enterprise IT infrastructures beyond the office walls with small, powerful, secure, and fully ruggedized IT networks.

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