Develop IT Infrastructure Expertise

Get all the on-site and off-site training your team needs to support your new infrastructure.

Once your custom IT infrastructure is deployed, our training and education services ensure you can use them to their full potential. Our end-to-end approach includes training by our team of networking and cloud experts, as well as product specialists from our vendor partners.

Leverage Domain Knowledge and Expertise

When you work with Decisive, you’re working with our whole team, from product specialists to pre-sales engineering to implementation, support, and training. Our experts are constantly in the process of training, retraining, and working with our vendor partners on the newest technology and product offerings.

After your IT infrastructure is up and running, we initiate a full knowledge transfer by our experts to ensure all the information you need to leverage your investment is handed over to your staff. And we continue and reinforce the transfer of knowledge after the initial handover to ensure optimal understanding and value for your money.

Customize Training to Your Needs

All our training options can be customized for your team so they get the training they need.

Our team’s extensive expertise and our relationships with our vendor partners create opportunities to deliver custom on-site and off-site training and education programs. In addition to traditional training, we can embed our highly skilled engineers in your environment as part-time or full-time resources to ensure you have the best IT talent at your disposal at all times. This makes it easier to facilitate ongoing knowledge transfer as your IT infrastructure evolves.

Develop in-house expertise on any aspect of your IT infrastructure through a variety of on-site and off-site training delivered by our team of networking and cloud experts.

Get your custom-engineered Enterprise IT Infrastructure