Make Your Move to the Cloud

Choose the right cloud solution and move to the cloud without disrupting your daily operations.

Decisive makes it easier to migrate to a customized, secure cloud environment that simplifies the process of storing, managing, and sharing large volumes of enterprise data and workloads securely.

Define Your Cloud Environment

With Decisive, you can move to a custom public, private, or hybrid cloud environment that fits your immediate needs and can scale quickly and efficiently to meet any requirement.

Our enterprise cloud solutions leverage the unique BriteSky cloud architecture, the most flexible, cost-effective, and secure cloud solution for Canadian businesses.

Unlike generic, preconfigured offerings that are adapted for businesses based on monthly storage and computing needs, BriteSky enterprise clouds are customized, highly secure virtual data vaults that are created to fit the unique needs of your business.

Build as You Grow

A Decisive and BriteSky cloud solution provides the highest level of flexibility and scalability. Complete customization is enabled by BriteSky’s modular Portable On-Demand Data Center (PODD) cloud architecture. This unique architecture is built on five functional layers that are optimized to support business growth and enterprise cloud applications:

Virtual storage

Virtual networking


Virtualization (virtual data center)

Security (virtual firewall)

With the BriteSky PODD layers, you get virtually unlimited room to grow and expand your virtual data vault as your needs change. You can customize your virtual data vault by adding extra security, encryption, access rules, and applications, as needed.

Leverage public, private, or hybrid cloud architectures that are purpose-built for the unique needs of your organization.

Get your custom-engineered Enterprise IT Infrastructure