Create a Dynamic IT Architecture

Avoid generic, one-size-fits-all Enterprise IT Infrastructure solutions and improve operations with a custom IT architecture that leverages your existing IT investments and the most advanced technologies available.

Our architecture planning services transform legacy infrastructures into dynamic IT environments with leading-edge virtualization, storage, and compute architectures that improve operations and increase business efficiencies.

Redefine Your IT Infrastructure

Decisive’s architecture planning services ensure you get the right mix of technologies, hardware, and software to address your needs today and enable an easy integration of new technologies with:

Data storage architectures

that eliminate data silos and make it easier to store, access, and manage passive, active, and unstructured data

Hybrid cloud architectures

that integrate directly into your existing infrastructure and provide all the flexibility and power of the cloud

Virtual architectures

that enable business growth without expanding the hardware footprint of your data center or your IT network

Converged and hyper-converged architectures

that increase IT infrastructure performance and reliability, lower IT costs, and increase IT agility

Enable Business Agility

Our architecture planning services are focused on getting you the highest level of flexibility possible to support your business and market objectives. They are customized to fit the specific needs of your unique business environment, and they are completely vendor-agnostic, so you are not locked into any hardware, software, or networking technology. This makes it easier to update, scale, and adapt your IT infrastructure to changing business needs and market realities.

Leverage Our Experience and Expertise

With Decisive, you get a team of network architects with extensive experience delivering Enterprise IT Infrastructure solutions for medium and large enterprises. Our experts work with you to create a custom IT architecture that meets your business goals and your budget. They ensure your architecture is designed to improve daily operations, deliver technical and business efficiencies, and provide a more cost-effective way to:


always-on access to business-critical data


with data growth


data faster


larger loads of network traffic


against data loss

Harness the full power of your IT with a custom, dynamic IT architecture that leverages current investments and the most advanced IT infrastructure technologies.

Get your custom-engineered Enterprise IT Infrastructure