The new network

The Internet has changed and traditional networking solutions can’t keep up. Instead of applying old products as band-aids, you need solutions that are designed for today’s network environment: cloud-based, mobile, and software-enabled. It’s why Decisive uses networking technology from Brocade Communications Systems. Together we help our clients, and their networks, perform better.

Brocade Communications: storage networking leadership

Brocade Communications Systems manufactures a wide range of data and storage networking products, both hardware and software-based, that help you get the most from your network. And thanks to partnerships with industry-leading technology companies, Brocade routers, switches, transceivers and other pieces of networking hardware are compatible with over 900 networking products.

Hardware, software, and virtualization solutions

Beyond hardware offerings, Brocade is an industry leader in network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) solutions. By running network components, like firewalls and routers, on virtual machines, Brocade’s NFV solutions provide the flexibility to scale up and down on demand, while saving money on hardware costs. Brocade’s SDN solutions, on the other hand, help you automate your network, allowing you to respond faster to user demand, and deploy services as you need them.

Getting more from your network

In today’s environment, software is the key to managing your network infrastructure. Through virtualization and automation you can maximize server availability and do more at a much lower cost. With Brocade’s solutions, you can:

  • deploy cloud services faster and on demand
  • simplify data centre management
  • automate and program control of network
  • reduce your hardware footprint

More highlights from Brocade

  • Most Innovative SDN Product Strategy and Best New Product for Mobile - Light Reading 2015 Leading Lights awards
  • Internet Telephony NFV Pioneer Award 2014
  • Open Networking Summit (ONS) 2014 SDN Idol Award

Contact one of our technical specialists to find out how Decisive and Brocade Communication Systems can transform your network.